By its very nature, public transport is a highly contaminated environment. Passengers on buses, trains, trams and ferries, and in transport terminals, are at continuous risk of cross-contamination infections through direct and indirect contact with other travellers or infected surfaces.

People around the world were hit with a wave of awareness about contamination risks of public transport when COVID-19 took hold of their countries. But avoiding this way of transport is unsustainable in any major metropolitan or regional centre in which vast volumes of people have no other way of travelling.

This means the responsibility falls on operators not only to safeguard their passengers and employees, but also to credibly reassure them that comprehensive and effective measures have been taken to help ensure their wellness.

One of the biggest challenges public transport providers face, is developing consistent and continuous disinfection protocols. Traditional cleaning products, many of which contain alcohol, have no lasting efficacy once applied. To be truly effective, cleaning vehicles or vessels with these products in the current environment would require constant application, possibly hourly. This would be neither efficient nor affordable.

In this new and potentially-permanent era of heightened risk, public transport operators must intensify care protocols to include additional deep cleaning and added focus on high traffic surfaces like doors and handles, poles, rails, hand-grips, luggage racks, windows and walls.

Hygiene Labs ‘Five-Part Solution’ can dramatically reduce the risk of transmission of common germs in all transport modes.

Hygiene Labs™ offers a new suite of fast-acting disinfection treatments designed to provide greater protection to the travelling public for a longer period of time. A key component of our five-part solution are electro-static and cold fogging disinfection services. These provide continual germicidal protection within trains, trams and buses for extended periods of time.

With regular good practise cleaning supported by our long-acting and hospital grade 5th Generation SiQuat technology, the risk of contact infection via contaminated surfaces is substantially reduced.

Hygiene Labs™ has also designed and developed an aerosol atomizer specifically for the automotive, rideshare, and general road transport sector. The treatment only takes six minutes to completely sanitise a vehicle and its air-conditioning system protecting passengers continually whist in the vehicle.

Our Transport Customers include RedBook, Forestry Corporation, North Sydney Council, Murrays and the South Australia Police.

Interested in our commercial solution?

In addition to the versatile range of products, Hygiene Labs™ offers commercial disinfection services designed to provide long lasting protection to businesses. 
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“We love the Hygiene Labs hand sanitiser for two reasons… because it is alcohol free and is so gentle on our hands and we do not have to keep reapplying it like a traditional alcohol hand sanitiser.”