Sydney company increases production of COVID-19 surface treatment as new outbreak erupts.

  • Antimicrobial shield inactivates surface Covid in one hour for up to 28 days
  • Product listed by Australian regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration

As Australia responds to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 emanating from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Sydney-based biotechnology company Hygiene Labs has ramped up production of a powerful ‘antimicrobial shield’ treatment, recently verified to inactivate surface-based infections including Coronavirus for up to 28 days.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia’s regulatory authority for these products, has recognised the 28-day efficacy of the independently-verified Hygiene Labs product, and formally listed it on the national Register of Therapeutic Goods.

The treatment, which punctures pathogens on a microscopic ‘bed of nails’, has already been introduced by a range of aviation, maritime and surface transport clients throughout Australia and across the Asia Pacific region, and Hygiene Labs sees significant opportunities to help protect communities and industry as COVID-19 protocols intensify to help prevent further transmission and community lockdowns.

Mark Pettitt, Group Managing Director of Hygiene Labs, said: “This virus has proved to be both lethal and fast-moving. The verifications we have just received in Australia confirm that within one hour of application, our antimicrobial treatments can disable surface viruses including COVID-19 for up to 28 days, seriously limiting the chance of surface transmission for this length of time. This is a big step towards rapid containment of surface contaminations.  

“To our knowledge, this is the only product in Australia, and possibly worldwide, to officially offer such fast-acting and long-lasting effectiveness against Coronavirus on surfaces, and we’re increasing production to help strengthen hygiene protocols, initially in Australia. In addition to supporting our existing clients, we can also help strengthen corporate, community and regulatory confidence by increasing protection of services and infrastructure, from public transport vehicles and terminals to facilities including medical, retail, hospitality, entertainment and industrial sites.”

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