Have you ever considered how quickly a surface can become contaminated after cleaning? Traditional sanitisers and cleaners can help reduce bacteria to a safe level, but human contact, airborne pathogens, spills – in fact a significant number of events can quickly help bacteria re-colonise a surface.

Hygiene Labs™ technology represents the next generation of long term, durable surface protection that does not leach from the surface, and therefore does not deplete in antimicrobial efficacy keeping your surfaces cleaner for much longer. Hygiene Labs™ products deliver broad spectrum, high performance surface hygiene in domestic, commercial or industrial environments. Helping to minimise liability, maximise productivity and enable to show customers a proactive approach to reducing transmission of infectious diseases.

Hygiene Labs™ bonds to surfaces to stay germ-free for longer


Hygiene Labs™ provides a ground-breaking advancement with a range of antimicrobial surface coatings. Antimicrobial technology in essence stands for a substance that actively works to kill to prevent its growth, reproduction or contamination on a microscopic level. Our surface coatings contain a unique molecule that attaches and bonds to a surface so that the coating can continue keeping a surface clean until the coating is finally worn down over time. 

“We like to present each of our new and serviced vehicles, treated and protected with the Hygiene Labs automotive sanitation treatment, giving significant comfort to our customers as they drive out of the dealerships.”