The Royal Flying Doctor Service has intensified its hygiene protocols to further strengthen protection.

Australia is a vast country, totalling almost 7.7 million square kilometres. That’s 32 times the size of the UK, and slightly more than the contiguous USA.

Most Australians live in the heavily populated capital cities or regional centres. But beyond these, there are thousands of rural communities, remote farming properties and resources sites dotted across the country.

Since 1928, the Royal Flying Doctor Service has provided primary healthcare and emergency support to those who live and work in rural and remote Australia, and to those who visit.

Today, the RFDS operates almost 80 air ambulances nationally, carrying doctors, nurses and dentists to faraway communities, and flying sick and injured patients back to cities for critical care.

In an average day, RFDS supports over 1,000 patients, in the air and on the ground, and in a year its aircraft fly more than 27 million kilometres, equivalent to 35 roundtrips between earth and the moon.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, RFDS has intensified its hygiene protocols to further strengthen protection for patients, medics, air crews, and communities, by introducing the Hygiene Labs A333 antimicrobial shield treatment.

The treatment has been independently verified by global bioanalytical group Eurofins to inactivate surface contamination by Coronavirus and Norovirus for up to 28 days.

It has robust aviation credentials, complying with the stringent requirements of major aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing, and has been registered by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration as effective for this period of time.

The Hygiene Labs air and surface fogging canisters take just six minutes to release within each RFDS aircraft, and the treatment is fully effective within one hour of application.

Hygiene Labs is proud to support the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.