Groundbreaking treatment now available to Indian industry to kill surface COVID-19 for up to 28 days.

Enhanced protection for public-facing sectors, including transport, retail, hospitality, medical and entertainment

A breakthrough treatment which inactivates COVID-19 infections on surfaces for up to 28 days is now available for use by public-facing enterprises across India, to help prevent further community transmission to passengers, customers, employees, suppliers, and the public.

The ‘A333 Antimicrobial Shield’, produced exclusively by Australian company Hygiene Labs, is designed to attract and puncture pathogens on a microscopic ‘bed of nails’, minimising the risk of Coronavirus or Norovirus contamination spreading from surfaces to humans.

The Hygiene Labs treatment has been independently evaluated and certificated by Eurofins, one of the world’s largest bioanalytical testing organisations, and listed by Australia’s medical products regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Among the customers are Australia’s largest airline, Qantas, the national airlines of Fiji and Nauru, the Royal Australian Navy, Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service, a major fleet operator for its 650 vehicles, and a passenger coach company serving remote communities.  

In India, the antimicrobial shield is already being used by tens of thousands of consumers to enhance personal hygiene and to protect their homes, vehicles, and offices. A growing number of enterprises, including auto dealerships and government departments across Gujarat, Mumbai, Delhi, Madhyapradesh, West Bengal, Punjab and Maharastra, are also using the treatment to protect properties and vehicle fleets.

Aman Singh, Hygiene Labs’ exclusive partner in India, said consumer demand for personal supplies of the antimicrobial shield had risen 112 per cent in the past year.

“We see even greater benefits across India expanding the use of this product to Indian industry,” said Mr Singh.

“With verified 28-day effectiveness and increasing use by major organisations across the Asia-Pacific region, we are confident we can provide extended protection throughout India across passenger transport modes, and in locations including airports and transit terminals, retail outlets, hospitality premises, entertainment venues and industrial facilities.”

Mark Pettitt, Group Managing Director of Hygiene Labs, said: “While COVID vaccines are gradually rolled out around the world, continued hygiene protocols are more important than ever in helping to prevent further ‘touch-transmission’ of the virus, and damaging lockdowns of communities and economies in response. The antimicrobial shield treatment provides not only a much greater level of public protection, but also peace of mind for customers, organisations and regulators.”

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