Nauru Airlines partnered with Hygiene Labs & 145 Aviation Services to help protect its aircraft, their occupants, and the nation, against COVID-19.

The Republic of Nauru is a tiny island nation in the South-West Pacific, with a total area of just 21 square kilometres, and a population nearing 11,000.

The entire country would fit within the boundaries of Brisbane Airport, Australia, the largest destination served by flag carrier Nauru Airlines, and the republic’s population could be seated in the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

With such small scale, and in the midst of this global pandemic, Nauru is highly vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, and has applied stringent biosecurity protocols to help protect public and economic health from external infection.

As the national flag carrier, Nauru Airlines is a key enabler of economic prosperity, with five Boeing 737 jets providing passenger and freight links to destinations around the South Pacific.

The airline also plays a critical role in humanitarian activities, most recently delivering emergency supplies to cyclone-hit Fiji.

To help protect its aircraft, their occupants, and the nation, against COVID-19, Nauru Airlines has introduced the A333 ‘antimicrobial shield’, a treatment developed by Sydney-based biotechnology company Hygiene Labs, and applied by its sister company 145 Aviation Services.

A333 has been independently verified to inactivate surface-borne viral contaminants including COVID-19 and Norovirus for up to 28 days, and is the only such treatment to have Australian regulatory listing attesting to this length of effectiveness.

It is also one of few, if any, such treatments globally to offer such protection.

Hygiene Labs is proud to support Nauru Airlines.