Health Care

Hospitals and Healthcare facilities are an environment where infected persons and persons at increased risk of infection congregate. Patients with infections are often carriers of pathogens and when admitted to hospitals are potential sources of infection for patients and staff. Patients who become infected in the hospital are a further source of infection through cross contamination of bacteria on surfaces and substrates in the healthcare environment.

Constant protection is where it matters most. And that is where Hygiene Labs™ TGA registered surface protection contributes to a significant improvement in Hygiene Safety. With a range of hospital grade products, Hygiene Labs™ is a new weapon in the fight to control COVID19 and bacteria and it can be applied to all healthcare products, textiles, hard surfaces, non-surgical surfaces and materials for extended periods of time.

The World Health Organisation ranks the risk of hospital acquired infection as being the third largest threat to mankind.

The Hygiene Labs™ 5th Generation SiQuat solution is a new approach where bacteria and mould are terminally destroyed by a mechanical, non-chemical mode of action, which is extremely efficient.

As a bound antimicrobial it does not leach from the surface on which it is applied, and therefore does not deplete in microbial control efficiency. Unlike common chemical and metals-based hygiene treatments, Hygiene Labs coatings deliver continuing, durable, persistent, long-term defence and protection of the treated surface. They are widely recognised as one of the world’s most advanced non-volatile, surface-bonded antimicrobials, safe for people, plants, pets, and the environment.

Our Healthcare Customers: The Lush Collective

Interested in our commercial solution?

In addition to the versatile range of products, Hygiene Labs™ offers commercial disinfection services designed to provide long lasting protection to businesses. 
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“To know we can completely treat one of our front-line aircraft in under six minutes whilst on a turnaround is a huge time saver for us in today’s climate”