We all know Gymnasiums are a great way to stay fit and healthy. Building up a ‘good sweat’ and deep breathing during intense cardio exercise are great for the body and mind. However, within an enclosed space, with limited ability to socially distance, gym environments are very susceptible to high rates of person to person infection.

Many dangerous germs are spread through the air by aerosolised transmission (breathing, sneezing and coughing) and through bodily fluids (sweat) which have contaminated surfaces or workout equipment.

Hygiene Labs™ has developed a comprehensive five-part plan for businesses such as Gymnasiums during the COVID-19 pandemic period, now that restrictions are easing and beyond. It is imperative for all fitness centres to be able to ensure their customers that best of breed hygiene products are being used and effective cleaning protocols are being strictly adhered to. 


Fact: “A study found germs on 83% of the gym equipment. Even worse: The study confirmed that disinfecting the equipment twice a day did not do anything to lower the microbial count.”

(Source: Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine/Men’s Health)

Hygiene Labs™’ ‘five-part solution’ can dramatically reduce the risk of transmission of common germs in high intensity environments like gyms. Our holistic range of long-acting ‘skin and surface’ products reduce or interrupt transmission by physical contact risk, cross contamination risk and droplet transfer risk in high traffic environments.

 By providing hospital grade surface protection, cleaning and wipe down solutions and if required a monthly full fogging service, the risk of contact infection via contaminated surfaces is substantially reduced, especially when utilising our long-acting and persistent 5th Generation SiQuat technology.

We also offer a “complete environment” bio-hazard clean to quickly sanitise all areas of your business if required. We use electrostatic fogging technology in such areas as gym floors and equipment, dance class studios, reception areas and changing rooms. 

Interested in our commercial solution?

In addition to the versatile range of products, Hygiene Labs™ offers commercial disinfection services designed to provide long lasting protection to businesses. 
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“Getting staff to feel safe coming back to our offices during the COVID-19 pandemic has been made considerably easier in the knowledge our office facilities have been protected using Hygiene Labs’ range of long acting sanitation solutions which completely protect our working environment.”