Frequently asked

No. Hygiene Labs products have a very low toxicity ratting. In fact, our Hygiene Labs products are 98% water. Once cured, they create a microscopic surface barrier that is lethal to germs.

The Hygiene Labs range of products form a covalent bond on surfaces killing 99.99% of germs for extended periods of time. Our surface formulation is also effective against COVID19 for up to 28 days.

Yes, while it is a long acting solution (up to 28 days) high traffic areas and touchpoints may need to be touched up after a week or two. This is why we provide supporting products as part of our service. Our skin products have lasting effects for 24hrs and only require a once daily application.

Unlike traditional sanitisers that kill bacteria by poison or high levels of alcohol, Hygiene Labs uses a water-based bonded coating which is low irritant. When using on young children’s skin it is highly recommended that you apply a small patch first and observe over 24hrs before a full application is undertaken. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if irritation is observed.   

We always recommend great cleaning practices. Hygiene Labs however helps remove the uncontrollable risk of contact infection via surfaces in between cleans.

The TGA (Therapeutics Goods of Australia) do not approve goods, however they do regulate there use when making any associated claims against viruses.

Hygiene labs has a dual listing for its surface range of products under a commercial grade and hospital grade category with a 28 day long acting residual claim against COVID19.