Facilities Management

Think about how often you touch a door handle, share pens or hand over documents of sorts. No matter if your workplace is or includes a medical clinic, a gym, a taxi, a locker room or a childcare centre; there are plenty of surfaces that are often touched by visitors, customers and colleagues. We believe clean, sterile environments are essential to ensure the health and productivity of your staff and beyond.

Hygiene Labs™ can assist facilities and asset management service providers to take their services to a new level. We provide consultation, training and product provision to bring new services and control measures to market. Our experience means we are more than a product supplier, working in partnership with our customers as a genuine business partner.

No matter what type of business you are in, the best solution is prevention rather than cure.

Our long lasting advanced antimicrobial technology is a solution that is cost effective, helps maintain productivity and reduces absenteeism by keeping your staff in work.

Hygiene Labs™ antimicrobial technology is proven effective against a substantial range of germs. Our antimicrobial shield technology, unlike traditional sanitisers, provides two layers of efficient protection once applied.

Firstly, it instantly kills 99.99% of the germs currently present on the surface that’s being treated. During the drying of the solution, it bonds to the surface on a microscopic level, creating an invisible coating on the treated area. Once bound, the second layer of protection automatically activates as the Hygiene Labs molecule delivers continuous, and persistent protection from microbial colonisation or attack for up to 28 days.

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Our Facilities Management Customers: Daytona, Goodfellas, Pathfinders, Plan A Logistics

Interested in our commercial solution?

In addition to the versatile range of products, Hygiene Labs™ offers commercial disinfection services designed to provide long lasting protection to businesses. 
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“In utilising the Hygiene Labs range of products through our retail and hotel precincts it has proven to be more cost effective than previous traditional sanitation programs simply by reducing the scheduled cleans whilst improving the efficacy of sanitation program.”