With tremendous pride Hygiene Labs™ they have been selected to work with the Royal Australian Navy to treat Australia’s major surface ship fleet. RAN vessels’ surfaces have now been treated with Hygiene Labs™ Antimicrobial Shield coating.

The vessels have included Amphibious Assault Ships HMAS Adelaide and HMAS Canberra and Guided Missile Destroyers HMAS Brisbane, HMAS Hobart and HMAS Sydney. Plus, afterwards a standing offer came in for regular antimicrobial disinfection and protection of the entire major surface ship fleet and other associated assets in every major port.

The non-toxic, long lasting coating has been successfully tested against bacteria and COVID19 capable of creating the rapid spread of person to person infections in confined spaces.

Within a four-week period, we have completed treatments of more than 50 Royal Australian Navy warships and support vessels located in all major Australian ports facilitated utilising our national workforce from the Protection Brands parent company.

Hygiene Labs™ continue to provide these services to the Royal Australian Navy and are actively supporting the diversification of these services to include fixed premises and other defence agency assets.

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Australian Defence Magazine

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Our Defence Customers: Royal Australian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy

“Getting staff to feel safe coming back to our offices during the COVID-19 pandemic has been made considerably easier in the knowledge our office facilities have been protected using Hygiene Labs’ range of long acting sanitation solutions which completely protect our working environment”