Cruise Line

Outbreaks can occur at any time of the year among cruise ship passengers. Especially since the onset of COVID-19, these risks have been making headlines and are top of mind among travellers. Early detection, prevention, and control are essential, not only to protect the health of passengers and crew on cruise ships, but also to avoid spread of disease into home communities upon disembarking.

Commercial maritime travel is characterised by the movement of large numbers of people in closed and semi-closed settings. Like other close-contact environments, these settings can facilitate the transmission of bacteria and serious infections from person to person through droplet spread or potentially through contact with contaminated surfaces.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the cruise and maritime industry is developing consistent and continuous disinfection protocols using traditional cleaning products, many of which have no lasting efficacy once applied. To be truly effective, cleaning large vessels with these products in the current environment would require constant, possibly hourly, application, which is neither efficient nor affordable.

In this new and potentially-permanent era of heightened risk, cruise and maritime companies must intensify care protocols to include additional deep cleaning and added focus on surfaces.

Hygiene Labs™ offers a new suite of fast-acting and long lasting disinfection treatments designed to provide greater protection to the travelling public for a longer period of time. From complete bio-hard disinfection and decontamination services, fogging using electrostatic and cold fogging solutions and long acting surface sanitation coatings on all hard and soft furnishings – our range of products offer hospital grade solutions to the maritime industry, now and into the future.

“To know we can completely treat one of our front-line aircraft in under six minutes whilst on a turnaround is a huge time saver for us in today’s climate.”