Due to the close proximity in which passengers interact with each other and crew, airborne and cross contamination pathogens can spread very quickly throughout the cabin environment. However, Hygiene Labs™ has been providing innovative technologies to the aviation market for several years, including Permagard Aviation. They have been a market leader in aircraft presentation, asset protection, cleanliness and hygiene, protecting millions of passengers, crew and ground staff around the world.

Since 2003, Permagard Aviation services every major airline in Australia from all major airports. As a CASA Part 145 approved organisation, Permagard can offer a range of services that traditional ground handling agents do not, let alone do well or efficiently.

Commercial airline Virgin Australia, for example. Hygiene Labs™ provided the technology behind the preventative antimicrobial fogging and deep cleaning services of the entire Virgin Australia fleet nationwide, in every major port for the past five years.

Another fleet to add to our aviation portfolio includes Australia’s largest regional airline outside the Qantas group: Regional Express. Permagard Aviation has also been responsible for the deep cleaning of their entire fleet on a rotating basis for the last five years. 

Our aviation experience doesn’t stop at commercial offerings. Hygiene Lab™’ technology has been deployed across private fleets and charter aircrafts. From deep cleaning and antimicrobial disinfection to insect treatment for Execujet, Alliance and Vara and other services.

We’re also proud to protect the Royal Flying Doctor Service with our 5th generation SiQuats technology. This non-profit organisation deployed our aerosol antimicrobial solutions, to disinfect and protect the emergency medical air fleet.

Our Aviation Customers includes Qantas, Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines, Fiji Airways, Naruru Airlines and Royal Flying Doctor Service.

“To know we can completely treat one of our front-line aircraft in under six minutes whilst on a turnaround is a huge time saver for us in today’s climate.”