Whether it be freshening up a new car or deep-cleaning and sanitising a used vehicle, our antibacterial shield technology has a well-trusted reputation in protecting automotive vehicles on a microscopic level.

Hygiene Labs™ have designed and developed an aerosol atomiser specifically for the automotive, rideshare and general road transport sector. The treatment takes six minutes to completely sanitise a vehicle and its air-conditioning system for up to 28 days.

Honda Australia, for example, co-branded our antimicrobial disinfection canisters. They were gifted to drivers servicing their current vehicle, or those purchasing a new vehicle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mercedes Benz Australia Pacific has also been using our 5th generation SiQuats technology to help protect their vehicles. For the past five years, the antimicrobial product has been offered as a service solution for sanitisation, odour reduction and decontamination of customer vehicles and dealer assets.

Our Automotive Customers include Honda Australia, Mercedes Benz Australia, Subaru Australia, NSW Police Force and Queensland Police Force.

“We like to present each of our new and serviced vehicles, treated and protected with the Hygiene Labs automotive sanitation treatment, giving significant comfort to our customers as they drive out of the dealerships.”